Best Solutions For Tooth Loss

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Experiencing tooth loss is depressing for many people in Los Angeles, California. Imagine losing an important part of your oral cavity that provides you functions in speaking and eating. That is why many cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles are coming up with ways to provide their patients with solutions for tooth loss.

Tooth loss does not only cause you to have noticeable gaps between your teeth. It can also cause serious complications when left untreated. The most common causes of tooth loss are tooth decay and gingivitis. This occurs when plaques are present on the tooth. Plaques can weaken the gums and structure of the tooth which causes it to loose and fall out. There are also other cases when people experience dental injuries that lead to tooth loss.

Because of the innovation in dentistry these days, people in Los Angeles do not need to worry about tooth loss. Many dentists and dental technicians can provide better solutions to restore peoples teeth and help them function normally. Below are solutions for tooth loss.

Dentures Dentures are known as removable replacements for missing teeth. They should be made by professional dental technician and cosmetic dentist Los Angeles havs. Dentures are for people with two or more missing teeth. Dentures are classified into two: partial dentures and full dentures. Using dentures may require patients to remove some of their teeth for proper fitting.

Dental bridges When patients only have one or two missing teeth, dental bridges are recommended by the cosmetic dentist Los Angeles has accredited. A dental bridge is a false tooth attached to two crowns. These two crowns are cemented on the teeth so that they wont be removed during cleaning. Dental bridges are made from porcelain or metal and have different designs. The drawback, however, is that dental bridges require patients to use special dental floss to clean the gap between the bridge and the teeth.

Dental Implants Dental implants are also good choices for tooth replacement. They are made by a dental technician and installed by a cosmetic dentist Los Angeles has certified. Experts suggest implants because of their comfort and appearance. Implants use metal rods to attach the false tooth to the jawbone. Once the implants are fully attached to the jawbone, dentures or bridges can be used to support tooth replacement. However, dental implants are not recommended for people who smoke and have unhealthy gums
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Best Solutions For Tooth Loss

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This article was published on 2010/12/17