Dental Fillings – Help To Restore a Damaged Tooth

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There are two very common materials used for restoring teeth damaged due to decay - composite resin and silver amalgam. There may be situations when one material is preferred over other. There are also some drawbacks of both of them.

The resin fillings are known to bring a natural smile on face. The color could be nearly matched like the one of natural teeth. Due to this the restorations are extremely to detect. As the resin compound bonds to a tooth and the obtained seal is much tighter. The tooth restored could be even stronger as compared to what it was earlier. When you visit a dentist Cincinnati these fillings are an excellent option to go for.

The composite resin fillings could also be created much smaller as compared to the amalgam filling for restoring the same quantity of tooth decayed. Due to this lesser structure of natural tooth is lost. The resin material's durability is not time tested, but there are continual improvements in this product which have made them almost as durable like the amalgam fillings.

The resin filling comes at a price about 150-200 % more as compared to a similar silver filling. Mostly the insurance benefits do not provide coverage to the extra price of composite fillings. Due to this you should pay the difference.

In resin fillings treatment the less portion of natural tooth structure gets to be removed for preparing their placement. You should note that they work better to protect the tooth in a long run. This is because there are lesser chances that the tooth would fracture and need a crown in future.
Now let's take a glance at the silver amalgam fillings.

It is a more durable filling material for tooth as compared to the composite resin material in teeth which are subjected much biting pressure. The amalgam filling comes at a considerably lesser price than the similar composite filling.
There are also some drawbacks of the amalgam fillings. The silver fillings are not as much attractive like the composite resin fillings of tooth color. Due to this they are normally not put in the teeth present close to the front side of mouth.

You should note that the mercury present in the amalgam fillings contracts and expands with cold and heat. You can imagine this situation with what happens in a mercury thermometer. This could eventually result in filling causing fracture to your tooth. Due to this a crown would be needed for restoring its functionality.

The silver fillings would in time corrode as well as leak. This can result in a new decay which can develop under the filling. Leakage could also provide a gray look to the complete tooth. The final choice depends on the preferences of both patient and dentist.
The question now arises how to prevent dental cavity. For reducing bacteria in the dental plaque you should do proper flossing and brushing two or three times a day. The professional cleaning through a dental hygienist is need after every six months. You can place preventive fillings or sealants at the tooth's chewing surface. You also decrease your daily intake of sugar.

If your filling is quite large and there is less natural tooth structure remaining then you should be more careful. In this case there are more chances that the tooth can fracture, or may be even breaks away completely. For avoiding such a situation porcelain or gold onlay or crown is advisable. This would strengthen the tooth as well as re-establish its function. This would also prevent many serious problems that might arise in future. You should be careful and aware of these things when you visit a Cincinnati dentist. Make a final choice only after a proper analysis of your tooth.

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The dentist Cincinnati focuses on the composite resin and silver amalgam dental fillings for restoring a damaged tooth. The benefits and drawbacks of both these methods are covered in detail.

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Dental Fillings – Help To Restore a Damaged Tooth

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Dental Fillings – Help To Restore a Damaged Tooth

This article was published on 2011/08/12