Dental Restoration At Your Dentist

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The decision concerning which material to use to restore lost tooth is up to the dentist, depending on the situation. You will discuss the options in your specific case. The ultimate goal should be to choose the approach that will result in having a rebuilt tooth that is functional and pain free.

Dental restoration can mean a few different kinds of dental work. It can refer to everything from cosmetic work to fillings, as well as complete restoration of the tooth on top of a dental implant. A root canal is also considered a form of dental restoration, as it restores the tooth to a healthy and pain-free state.

Root canals involve the removal of the infected or inflamed living tissue from the inside of a tooth. When the tissue, or pulp, inside of a tooth is irritated or damaged, it can be extremely painful. Endodontic therapy, or a root canal, can safely remove the inflamed pump and replace it with a tooth restoring material.

A chipped tooth is a common problem that can be solved by dentists. Dentists often apply restorative materials that bond with existing tooth matter to reshape a tooth. When a tooth has a larger area of damage, known as a cavity, that cavity must be filled with a substance that can be adhered to the tooth material and work functionally with the tooth.

Sometimes dentists use a temporary restoration that is meant to temporarily solve a problem. This may due to the fact that the dentist needs to order or custom fit materials for you. The temporary solution is later replaced down the line by a permanent solution that is a more lasting, suitable, and appropriate material.

Dental implants are technically implanted into the gums, which is usually carried out by an oral surgeon. However, once the implants have healed, a new tooth-like structure must be built up in its place. Your dentist will design a new tooth that approximates the size, shape, and color of the lost tooth. The color will be matched to the other teeth. The new, fully restored tooth implant will be functional, although it may not be able to take the amount of pressure that a natural tooth can.

Dental technicians play an important role in tooth restoration, as they usually have the job of casting or manufacturing parts that will be installed in a patient's mouth. The technician uses notes, records, images, and mold castings from the dentist to construct a piece that will fit comfortably within the mouth.

Dental restoration takes on a variety of forms, but it is a necessary solution to dental problems, some of which are extremely painful. They can also restore function to a tooth for chewing. Many different materials are at a dentist's disposal for solving tooth problems. You and your dentist can discuss which route to go when going over the possible solutions to your dental issues.
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Dental Restoration At Your Dentist

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This article was published on 2010/11/02