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If you are self-conscious about the appearance of yellow and stained teeth and are considering having them whitened then you need to take the time to research custom fit tooth trays. Because a dental professional fits the special tray to each individual patient the procedure is safe and has become the most popular method of obtaining a clean healthy smile. Your dentist will first take an impression of your teeth and once the mold has been prepared, your custom tray will fit comfortably over your teeth with minimal contact to any soft tissue. This part of the procedure is very important in avoiding sensitivity of the gums while your teeth are being whitened.

We all know the importance of first impressions and no matter how well you present yourself, it will mean very little if that first smile shows yellow and stained teeth. Although nothing may be said, people can't help focusing on the fact that your teeth are discoloured. It often makes them wonder about your lack of attention to general hygiene. Don't give reason for such negative distraction to the person or people you are trying to impress. Do the research now into custom fit tooth trays and meet people with greater confidence and self-esteem. Like it or not, first impressions are hard to discard and while people may have enjoyed your company the subject or thought of stained and off-colour teeth will always be remembered.

Custom Fit Whitening Tooth Trays

While custom fit whitening tooth trays from your dentist may take a little longer initially, they are the most popular way of ensuring a safe and professional outcome for lightening you teeth. One your tooth trays have been designed, your dentist will review the fit and make any minor adjustments if necessary to ensure the best possible mold. These tooth trays are typically made of a soft and flexible plastic and are generally clear. Both your upper and lower teeth will have a specifically designed tray made just for you and are usually trimmed to finalize how they fit so as to minimize any contact with your gum tissue.

White Teeth Without Gum Irritation

You may be anxious to get your teeth the whitest they can be as quickly as possible and are therefore tempted by the ads for overnight or quicker whitening methods. However one of the major and important differences between the two application methods is the type of tray that is used. With specially fitted tooth trays you will have the benefit of a professional to ensure the best possible fit with minimal gum tissue irritation. The final trim that the dentist performs on the your tooth trays ensures that the tray ends precisely at the gum line ensuring a more comfortable experience during the bleaching period. Once your dentist determines that your whitening tooth trays are the best possible fit, you are free to take them home and begin the whitening process in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It is vital to have properly fitting whitening tooth trays as only the teeth that come in direct contact with the whitening agent will produce the desired results.

Begin your search now for dentists in your area that will help you on the road to a brighter smile and a more confident you! Reclaim your self-esteem and soon you will be looking for opportunities to get involved in fun social activities of all kinds.

Tooth Tray Solutions

Are you fed up with trying to hide your smile because of stained and discoloured teeth? You know how important making a good first impression is and hiding your teeth or refraining to smile altogether is no way to start a personal or professional relationship. If you have finally made the decision to have your teeth whitened, it is your first step in regaining your self-esteem. If you've taken a few minutes to research which system to use, you will find that the custom fit tooth trays are the preferred procedure used by most cosmetic dentists.

Although there are over the counter systems that can be readily purchased,tooth trays that are custom fit to your teeth will require less whitening gel and leakage is minimal causing less irritation. Since the quality of the material used in over the counter tooth trays can vary greatly, going to a dental professional will ensure that the highest quality tooth trays are being utilized. Even though your new brilliant smile will last several years, you many want to perform a light touch up from time to time. Having a custom fit tooth tray that fits perfectly will allow you to simply purchase whitening gel for those small touch ups.

Renewed Sense Of Self Confidence

Custom made whitening tooth trays while slightly more expensive than over the counter trays, are always more comfortable and safer to use. Most cosmetic dentists will allow you to spread payments over several months or even longer in order to easily fit it into your budget. When you begin to see the results, you will quickly start to feel a renewed sense of self-confidence and will look forward to accepting those social invitations that you once shied away from. Impress the people you come in contact with by greeting them with a warm and open smile. Go ahead and try out for that new job or accept that special date you have been dreaming of. Be the first one in line at your next family gathering when someone pulls out their camera to take pictures.

Take a few minutes to find out why most cosmetic dentists recommend custom fit tooth trays for anyone who is interested in achieving a clean, healthy smile and begin to look forward again to meeting new people and smiling!

Custom Fit Tooth Trays

Since whitening gel is relatively inexpensive, the initial cost of custom fit tooth trays will ensure that even your occasional touch up sessions will be more effective since the tray was specially molded to fit your own teeth. So if you are serious about reclaiming your self-confidence in your social or professional life, take a few minutes to find a cosmetic dentist near you who can best assess your needs. An important aspect of purchasing custom fit tooth trays is that your dental professional will perform an examination of your teeth prior to recommending the treatment that is best for you. Your teeth make your smile and it is always smart to leave this important decision to professionals who understand exactly what the final outcome will be. They will be able to explain the procedure carefully to your before sending you home with your tooth trays.

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Effective Whitening Tooth Trays

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