Houston Root Canal Treatments: Your Best Offense Against Tooth Decay

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No matter how often we brush and floss our teeth, they are bound to suffer decay at some point because of plaque. This sticky substance forms on the teeth and gums and releases acids that attack the teeth for up to 20 minutes after eating. If left uncontrolled, these acids can destroy the enamel and cause tooth decay.

Tooth decay is treated according to the severity of each case. In its early stages, it can be reversed with fluoride, a mineral that strengthens teeth from the outside. For mild cases, dentists can apply dental fillings to cavities to prevent further decay. But when a tooth becomes severely decayed and infected, then root canal therapy may have to be performed.

This dental procedure involves the removal of the nerve and pulp inside a tooth. This prevents bacteria from multiplying within the pulp chamber and causing an infected or abscessed tooth. An abscess is a pus-filled pocket that usually forms at the end of the tooth roots, which causes swelling that may spread to other areas, bone loss around the tip of the root, and drainage problems that extend outward from the root.

Root canal therapy is considered to be the most feared dental procedure. Some people fear it badly enough that they prefer a tooth extraction rather than saving it with root canal therapy. In reality, there's nothing to fear as it is designed to alleviate pain and cause minimal damage to inner tooth structures.

Root canal therapy is performed by either a dentist or an endodontist. It may take one or more visits which involve taking x-rays, drilling a hole into the tooth, and a thorough cleaning. Tooth decay cases spring left and right in large cities like Houston, where people have ready access to decay-causing sweets and acidic soda beverages; this assures a steady supply of dental offices that offer root canal therapy. If you are already suffering from excruciating toothaches, a dentist in Houston is your saving grace.

If you’re still skeptical about it, then note that root canal treatments have success high rates as high as 95 percent. What you need now is to find a qualified dentist Houston TX residents rely on to ensure safe and high-quality dental work.

Pain and dentistry have always been associated with each other. However, there's no reason to keep fearing dental procedures because even the average dentist in Houston TX uses state-of-the art equipment and local analgesics to make procedures as painless as possible. You may visit WebMD.com for more information about root canal therapy.

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Houston Root Canal Treatments: Your Best Offense Against Tooth Decay

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Houston Root Canal Treatments: Your Best Offense Against Tooth Decay

This article was published on 2012/04/04