Is Your Wisdom Tooth Causing You Problems?

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Many young people in Los Angeles, California experience several dental problems because of the growth of their wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth is considered as the third molars of the teeth and they grow in time when people have acquired wisdom. Many young adults would usually have four wisdom teeth. However, there are some who experience supernumerary teeth, having more than four wisdom teeth.

In fortunate cases, people with large jaws do not experience any trouble with their wisdom tooth. However, crowded teeth and failure of the wisdom tooth to emerge can cause it to be impacted. Impacted tooth occurs when the wisdom tooth does not emerge from the gum tissues, or partially emerged but is misaligned. It can push other teeth to misalign or cause swelling of the gum tissues.

Impacted tooth should be extracted as soon as it occurs. Many dental experts believe that impacted tooth can cause gum diseases, pericoronitis, or the formation of more complex ailments such as cyst and tumor. Impacted tooth is also related with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder wherein the patient experiences difficulty in opening and closing mouth.

The common solution for impacted tooth is extraction conducted by a professional oral surgeon or dentist in LA. The dentist will first examine if the wisdom tooth is causing oral problems through gum evaluation and dental x-rays. Swelling of the gum may indicate impacted tooth as well as other symptoms: bad breath, headache, facial pain, visible gap between the teeth, and swollen lymph nodes.

If the wisdom tooth does not affect or cause any problems, the dentist in LA would recommend patients to take pain relievers whenever they feel pain in the jaw. Otherwise, tooth extraction is recommended. During the tooth extraction, the dentist will open the gum tissues where the impacted tooth is located. By taking out the bones that cover the tooth, the dentist will be able to separate the gums that connect the tooth from the bone. In certain cases, the dentist will have the wisdom tooth removed in small pieces.

The post-surgery is often the most difficult part in tooth extraction as patients will experience bleeding and severe pain in the next 24 hours. However, pain relievers and antibiotics will be prescribed by the dentist in LA. The dentist often use lasers to minimize the recovery time of patients.
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Is Your Wisdom Tooth Causing You Problems?

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This article was published on 2010/12/17