Negative Effects Of Tooth Loss

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Tooth loss is usually the fruit of poor dental hygiene or a traumatic event that caused severe tooth damage. Bacteria can slowly eat away at the enamel and internal structures until it decays the whole tooth. A high impact collision can cause the teeth to fracture or completely knock it loose from its roots. Regardless of the cause, the tooth will fall out and leave an unsightly gap in your teeth that your body cannot naturally replace or regenerate.

Dentists have numerous modern techniques that can remedy the loss of a tooth. Bridges are one of the traditional treatments for this issue. A dentist will construct a prosthetic tooth to replace the original and fill the missing gap between the remaining teeth. A more modern alternative involves surgically implanting a dental foundation, to which an internal anchored post and an exterior crown can later be attached. The advantage of this method is that it is engineered to be more robust and structurally sound than a dental bridge.

Prevention is always better than cure, but once the tooth is gone, it is important to have it fixed immediately. There are multiple negative side effects that can occur if tooth loss is left untreated.

Any top dentist in Los Angeles will tell you that tooth loss can actually cause speech impediments. Tongues are unable to function effectively, as air from the gaps can disrupt normal speech. Lisps and stutters can potentially develop.

Eating will also become a more difficult task once youve lost one of your teeth. As any dentist in Los Angeles would explain, each tooth has a specific function. A loss of one of the incisors will impede the proper cutting and biting of food into manageable chunks. A molar that has fallen out will render it hard for you to adequately grind your meal enough to aid your digestion.

The best dentist in Los Angeles will also warn their patients that, aside from their biological functions, tooth loss can also cause repercussions in your social life. A lot of people withdraw from social interactions simply because they are too embarrassed about missing a tooth or two.
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Negative Effects Of Tooth Loss

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This article was published on 2011/01/14