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For both health and cosmetic reasons, saving a natural tooth through root canal treatment should be the first option to consider especially in cases of a damaged tooth. The goal of this procedure is to save the functional teeth. Root canal treatment in Singapore is being carried out to eliminate pulpal and periradicular diseases to promote healing and repair of tissues in the root canal system of the tooth. When the dental pulp of a tooth is badly decayed, damaged or broken, there are two options arising, the choice of tooth extraction or saving the tooth with the help of an endodontist are to consider.

In the past years, root canal treatment procedure is perceived to be painful. This perception brought fear to dental patients preferring to have their tooth extracted than to be saved. But with today’s introduction of new and rapid advancement in technology, more and more dental patients prefer to save their tooth rather than to remove it.

Dentists, who specialise in root canal treatment in Singapore called endodontist, have been rendering this dental procedure practically painless. Using the latest available dental technologies with the endodontists’ expertise, the procedure has transformed into modern microsurgery. Their advanced training in administering anaesthesia, use of technologies not usually being utilised by a general dental practitioner, and performing the procedure result in a more positive experience for patients thus making the people aware what is root canal treatment.

Many endodontists use digital imaging instead of x-rays for viewing the condition of the teeth. Digital imaging exposes patients to only a fraction of the radiation as compared to what they typically get with x-rays. Both patients and endodontists can see the results within a short period of time, almost right after the digital imaging procedure. In addition, digital images can be zoomed up to 30 times the size of the x-rays.

When the tooth becomes decayed, the dental pulp and nerves becomes inflamed, infected, and damaged causing it to breakdown and causing bacteria to begin to multiply inside the pulp chamber. An abscess may develop when the infection spreads even outside the root of the tooth. During a root canal treatment procedure, the nerve and pulp of the tooth is removed then cleaned and sealed.

The nerve of the tooth functions for sensory purposes, determining the sensation of hot and cold. However, tooth health wise, the nerve of the tooth does not really have a vital function. Its presence or absence will not affect the daily function of the tooth.

Ideally, after root canal treatment in Singapore, the condition of the tooth should be examined regularly by schedule by the endodontist clinically and radiographically to checked if healing is occurring and completed. The procedure done is considered a success if the function of the tooth is present, and if there is no sign and symptoms such as pain, and swelling.

In cases where the tooth cannot be saved due to some factors such inaccessibility of the root canals; the tooth does not have adequate supporting jaw bone; or severe fracture to the root of the tooth that cannot be restored by root canal, endodontic surgery comes in.

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Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

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Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

This article was published on 2013/07/01