Tooth Decay Causes And Treatment

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Nobody wants tooth decay. Aside from looking unsightly, tooth decay can also be painful specially when eating. Worst of all, tooth decay can lead to more serious bacterial infections that can affect the whole body. It is important to understand the main cause of tooth decay and how to prevent this disease.

A tooth is divided into four parts: the enamel, the dentin, the cementum, and the pulp. The first three parts are hard, designed to cut or grind food. Tooth decay destroys the hard parts of the tooth, creating cavities and weakening the tooth structure, potentially causing the tooth to fall off.

Tooth decay is caused by certain acid-producing bacteria. The teeth normally have a slight resistance against acids. However, the acid from the bacteria reacts with traces of glucose, fructose, and other sugars found on the surface of the teeth. The overall acid levels increase and become too great for the tooths natural resistance, causing decay. If left unchecked, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and potentially cause renal failure and death.

Tooth decay can be found either on the smooth surface of the teeth or between small pit-like areas. Tooth decay can be classified into six different classes depending on the location and the rate of development. Decay on the pits and fissures are considered as Class I. Smooth surface pits are further divided into five more classes.

By maintaining good oral hygiene, one can greatly reduce the chances of tooth decay. Brushing the teeth after every meal removes bacteria and minimizes the traces of sugar on the surface of teeth. If possible, have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year by a dentist. Edgewater NJ has various clinics where you can have your teeth checked.

It is also important to keep track of your regular diet. Reducing the intake of foods with high sugar content such as chocolates and pastries can help prevent formation of tooth decay. If you are unsure about which foods to watch out for, you can always seek assistance from dentist. Edgewater, NJ professional dentists will help you in changing your diet plans to cut down sugar intake.

If you already have an existing tooth and need to have it treated by a dentist, Edgewater ,NJ dental practitioners are capable of performing necessary procedures. This could range from cleaning and application of amalgam to re-mineralization.
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Tooth Decay Causes And Treatment

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This article was published on 2010/11/04