Tooth Jewelery : The Latest Style In Fashion

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Tooth jewelery is an innovative way to add a radiance to your smile and stand out in the crowd. It is the latest thing in cosmetic dentistry and can be used by anyone !! Available in crystal glass design, ruby, gold and even diamond, these little jewels can be great fun and are practically harmless for the teeth.

Tooth jewelry was initially patented in 1986 by a European dentist in response to a Swedish singers demand to put a diamond in her tooth. The aim of the dentist was to create jewelry with a shape and finish that would look elegant on a tooth. For this, the dentist collaborated with a famous jeweler in Sweden. Together they created 3-dimensional custom designs that would look good on the tooth. Much effort was also put in to the finishing of the product, and in this way the first Tooth Jewelry was created in the market.

The fitting of tooth jewels just takes about 10 to 15 minutes and is completely painless without the use of anesthesia. Unlike ear and nose piercings, it does not involve any deep drilling into the teeth. The dentist or tooth jewelery dealer uses an FDA approved dental adhesive to apply the jewelery to your tooth. The jewel can also be removed and changed as per the choice of the user. It does not tarnish, corrode or wear down the teeth. What's more .... you can place a single piece or multiple units on one or more teeth. The tooth jewelery does not even cause any harm to the lip, cheek or gum.

Tooth jewelry was the trend of choice among many young and hip Europeans, and it has been slowly making its way into Canadian markets now. Tooth Jewelery business is now spread all over Canada.

The Tooth Fairys Swarovski Tooth Jewels are simple and elegant ! Manufactured by dental professionals, their superior jewels are small in diameter (only 2mm) and can be applied to the tooth in 5 minutes using safe dental adhesive. It is a completely painless procedure and does not harm the tooth. It is the perfect choice if you want a bit of unusual glamor to your teeth.
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Tooth Jewelery : The Latest Style In Fashion

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This article was published on 2011/01/17