Tooth Loss And Smiling

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Teeth discoloration is best known for robbing people of their beautiful smiles. Staining your teeth and making it look brown or yellow can really make your smile unattractive. However, it is not the worst threat to your smile out there. Tooth loss is an even more terrible condition for people in Miami, Florida.

Tooth loss, when experienced by small children outgrowing their baby teeth, is completely natural. However, once permanent teeth are present, people need to take good care of their as it is the last set that they will have. Although preventing tooth loss from occurring should be easy, there are still several factors that can cause the condition to happen.

Many dental experts believe that the primary reason for tooth loss is gum disease. These include gingivitis and periodontitis. Gums are very important as they serve as the foundation of your oral structure. It holds your teeth together and protects your nerves, tissues, and roots from being exposed. Once gums experience infections, they grow weaker and weaker until the damage reached the bones. Once the bones experience degradation, it will cause the tooth to fall out.

Tooth decay can also cause tooth loss as it wears away the teeths enamel. Often called a cavity, the condition is caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of the teeth. Any dentist in Miami can easily diagnose tooth decay through examinations and x-ray analyses. Aside from gum diseases and tooth decay, physical trauma can also cause tooth loss. A severe blow to the face can easily cause a tooth to fall out.

There are actually many risks involved with tooth loss. This is why any dentist in Miami would tell his or her patients suffering from tooth loss to seek immediate treatment. With such a large part missing, the gap on your gums serves as a passageway for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. This can cause your systemic conditions to worsen.

There are many ways to treat tooth loss. The most traditional option is to get dentures. However, because of advances in technology, dentists can now offer dental implant Miami procedures. This treatment gives patients a more natural-looking replacement for their missing teeth.
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Tooth Loss And Smiling

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This article was published on 2011/04/19