Tooth Whitening and Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth whitening is gaining popularity for most of the population yet a small percentage still worry because of the possible side effects it may bring to a person. Worry no more because researches and studies proves that both bleaching and tooth whitening methods do not have any adverse effect on either your gums or teeth. The only minimal side effect it may have is tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity is a condition of the mouth wherein a person experiences a pinch of pain whenever it gets exposed to extremely hot or extremely cold types of food like ice cream and coffee. Some individual who underwent tooth whitening procedures or uses tooth whitening products experience this but it normally stops after 48 hours or the moment the medication is stopped.

Nevertheless, if you experience tooth sensitivity here are few things you may do:

  1. Choose a tooth paste with potassium nitrate because this formulation helps soothe the tooth nerve endings.
  2. Use a brush with soft bristles or in any case a brush specially fashioned for sensitive teeth.
  3. Consult your dentist regarding this matter so he may provide you a tooth product with fluoride. Fluoride re-mineralizes your teeth and can help stop the pain caused by sensitive teeth.
  4. If the pain from tooth sensitivity continues, try stopping the treatment within24 hours to allow your teeth to get vital nutrients before proceeding with the treatment once again.

Not every one is advised to undergo teeth whitening. People who have gum diseases, teeth with worn enamel, existing sensitive teeth prior to the tooth whitening treatment and those with tooth cavities are not advised to undergo this method because it may only result to further complications. People with dental work in their front teeth and tooth-colored crowns or caps are also discouraged to use tooth whitening products because it may have adverse effects on the earlier dental procedures done on his teeth.

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Tooth Whitening and Tooth Sensitivity

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This article was published on 2010/11/20