Treating Tooth Loss

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Tooth loss is a dental affliction that can cause a myriad of negative effects. It impairs proper food consumption, and it has been shown to contribute to speech impediments. In addition, tooth loss can greatly injure a persons self-esteem. A perfect smile is such a big part of how people judge attractiveness, shame in this regard can cause deep psychological trauma.

There are multiple possible causes for a tooth to die and fall out. There are certain oral diseases that can induce cell death to an otherwise healthy tooth while, bacteria can cause destructive tooth decay that will eventually consume it. High velocity impacts can also irreparably damage a tooth, either by breaking it in half or by forcefully ripping it out of its roots. Unfortunately, the human body is incapable of re-growing or regenerating a new tooth upon the death of the old one.

One way to reduce the effects of tooth loss is having a dental bridge. It is an oral prosthesis designed to close the gap caused by a missing tooth through the installation of synthetic replacements. This substitute is anchored by permanent bonding to the adjacent teeth. There are special designs for situations where the prosthesis can only be attached to one tooth, but these are usually less stable than the conventional bridge.

In more modern times, advances in dental technology have paved the way for newer treatments. Any competent dentist LA has to offer will be able to surgically embed a dental implant into his patient. A prosthetic tooth will then be affixed to this implant, thereby lending it strength and stability without the need for a supporting structure.

Both of these solutions use something called a dental crown. Its an artificial tooth made to resemble both the natural appearance and the functional capabilities of the original tooth. Any good dentist LA residents patronize will be able to create a custom mold of your teeth in order to manufacture a crown, specific to your individual needs.

The crown construction process used to take several weeks as the design and the sculpting were all done by hand. Nowadays, there is cutting-edge technology available for a dentist LA has in residence that allows them to digitally scan a patients mouth. This computer image is sent to automated in-office milling equipment that can create the finished product in minutes.
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Treating Tooth Loss

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This article was published on 2011/01/14