Types of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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Wisdom teeth surface between late adolescence and young adulthood. They are the third molars that are found in the back part of the mouth. Given this position, the eruption of a wisdom tooth is usually a painful process, especially if it does not grow vertically.


The third molars often erupt problematically. Most of the time, there is not enough jawbones to support the wisdom tooth, which is why it grows horizontally or at an angle. When the molar does not develop correctly, it is said to be impacted. The following are the types of wisdom tooth impaction:


Mesial Impaction


This is the most common form of wisdom tooth impaction. It is characterized by the forward angle the tooth gears toward. The angled position sometimes causes teeth crowding, swelling, and pain. If the pain becomes intolerable, the patient is advised to have the tooth extracted.


Distal Impaction


Distal impaction is the opposite of mesial impaction; the tooth grows towards the back of the mouth. There are times when pus develops in the affected gum. This should be dealt with immediately to prevent the spread of bacteria. Wisdom tooth extraction is slightly different from a regular removal because a huge portion of the tooth is still buried under the gum. A skilled Atlanta GA dentist can remove the concerned tooth without damaging the adjacent areas.


Vertical Impaction


Vertical impaction, as the name implies, is a condition where the tooth fails to erupt completely despite the proper angle. This is caused by the very close distance between the third molar and its neighboring teeth. This type of impaction makes the gum vulnerable to oral bacteria. A consultation with an Atlanta family dentistry clinic or a similar facility elsewhere is needed for proper imaging and evaluation of the tooth. 


Horizontal Impaction


This is the rarest form of dental impaction. It is characterized by the sideways growth of the tooth, so it does not erupt from the gum at all. A horizontally impacted tooth affects the adjacent root, causing swelling and infection. Extraction is the recommended solution for this. Several professionals like an Atlanta GA dentist can remove impacted third molars quickly and effectively.

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Types of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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This article was published on 2011/09/27