What is the treatment of children's tooth decay?

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Children's tooth decay treatment dentist to find out first with a laser teeth within the perishable parts, then use the drill holes in tooth decay, drilled a channel, and then use the scraping, wiping, etc. will spoil site clean finally, we utilized the filler to fill the hollow of the tooth. This will not only time-consuming, but also a great deal of pain to patients. Ozone therapy will be much better. Doctors directly to spray ozone gas to tooth decay, so that we can directly kill the vast majority of lead to tooth decay bacteria, can also contribute to the regeneration of teeth. For children, this new method also has a role in the prevention of tooth decay.

The ozone method only a few seconds, you can kill 99% of the decay of harmful micro-organisms organizations. Instrument mounted on the suction cap and recovery device, to ensure that the treatment there will be no gas leak into the patient's mouth. After ozone treatment, tooth decay has been cleaned up. Patients choose to join either the filler, you can not add, do not have much impact.

Children's tooth decay treatment of this ozone therapy, not only the treatment effect, but also very fast. In the treatment of tooth decay, just tooth drilling and filling is necessary to spend at least half an hour, while the ozone treatment, spraying a tooth takes less than a minute can be done.

This new approach is the study by theBelfast,Northern Ireland, andUKQueen's University. Now, many dentists have begun using this efficient, painless ozone therapy.

Known as dental caries, tooth decay Medical adhesion to the tooth surface in dental plaque of Streptococcus mutans to What are the characteristics of caries acid producing foods, sugar and starch glycolysis, and gradually make the tooth demineralization defect formation. Therefore, to prevent tooth decay must start from removing plaque, reducing sugar intake, and improving several aspects of the acid resistance of teeth.

1. Correct brushing your teeth: This is an effective way to remove plaque. For the children and buy a brush small, soft bristles, wool end blunt and flexible children's health care toothbrush, and then buy single fluoride toothpaste containing sodium fluoride or part-double fluoride toothpaste containing sodium monofluorophosphate. Fluoride toothpaste can enhance the structure of the tooth surface, to promote mineralization, increase the acid resistance and can inhibit plaque. Children once with about a large pea, increasing age may be appropriate to increase the amount of brushing should avoid swallow. Children beginner brush your teeth, parents should make a demonstration and patience to teach children how to correctly brush your teeth. The main points of the correct brushing: brush and tooth surface is about 45 degrees along the vertical brush teeth. On the teeth down, up the lower teeth bite in front of and later back to the What are the children's teeth brush. Rather than the seesaw cross-brush, that would damage the teeth and gums. Each time you brush 3 minutes each morning and evening brush, and perseverance.

2. Reasonable diet: sweets, the children preferred food, which contains a lot of sugar and starch Jiang such as candy, chocolate, biscuits and pastries defeated S around Guan Chin Cheng source significantly less milk E Cheng stains valves are consultation rotten example, hope for the plaque of cariogenic bacteria to provide adequate nutrients by organic acids resulting from the metabolism of cariogenic strong. Therefore, to advise their children to eat sweets, especially not to eat before going to bed to brush your teeth before going to bed after eating. In addition, the diet is not a partial eclipse. Dietary ingredients should include whole grains, legumes and soy products, milk and dairy products, fish, egg birds and vegetables and fruits. Conducive to the growth of the child's physical development and health.

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What is the treatment of children's tooth decay?

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