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Although the growth of wisdom teeth indicates that you are entering your physical peak, it still needs to be removed. When your wisdom teeth or third molars start to grow, one of two things may happen. Either your jaw doesnt have enough space to accommodate them and they end up getting impacted or they erupt and increase your susceptibility to tooth decay and bacterial build-up. Many dentists in Miami believe that an average person will have four third molars. However, some people may have more than that.

Most of the time, dentists prefer to remove wisdom tooth to save the patient from suffering its ill effects. An impacted third molar can cause a host of negative conditions. Aside from being painful, it can also lead to the development of serious gum disease.

Impacted wisdom teeth are classified into six types. They are broadly divided into two categories: fully impacted tooth and partially impacted tooth. These two terms make the discussion easier to understand for patients. Classifications of wisdom tooth impaction include mesial impaction, vertical impaction, distal impaction, horizontal impaction, bony vertical impaction, and soft tissue vertical impaction.

The extraction procedure is often performed by a professional oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Some pull double duty in their clinics, working just like any normal dentist Miami, FL has to offer. They do the operation with help of local anesthesia. How the tooth will be extracted depends on the type of impaction present. Most of the time, surgeons need to cut away a small amount of soft tissue to be able to pull the teeth out. Also, some dentists often break the tooth into pieces to make it easier to remove.

Since a wisdom tooth extraction is done through surgery, any dentist Miami has available would recommend that you take your recovery period seriously. The first 24 hours is very important. You will be required by your dentist to periodically replace the gauze and take the prescribed medicine. Itll probably take a few days before you can be free from pain and swelling.

Tooth extractions may cost a lot depending on the amount of anesthesia used and the service charge of the dentist Miami patients choose for their surgery. Most wisdom teeth extractions are successful, risks are minimal at worst. Just make sure to choose the right dentist. Take it easy during recovery, follow your aftercare tips and youll surely to be okay.
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Miami, Fl

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This article was published on 2011/04/19