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It is common for people aged between the ages of 17 and 25 to encounter toothache caused by a wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth, technically known as third molars, are teeth that grow on the four corners of the human jaw. A wisdom tooth usually comes out as impacted, or not in the correct position, which is also a common event experienced by people.

A wisdom tooth rarely emerges without causing problems. Although when this happens, a few benefits can be gained, such as acting as a support for dental restoratives such as braces, dentures, and bridges. It can also help masticate even hard foods more efficiently. However, if wisdom teeth are impacted, there is no best option than to have it extracted.

Patients afraid of injections might be injected with sedatives by dentists. After pain relievers are applied, dentists would start making a small incision on top of the gums where the tooth is hidden. By removing the obstructing tissue and bone, the surface of the wisdom tooth would be exposed, which will make it easier for the dentist to remove. In some situations, the tooth would be sliced into smaller sections, while others can be taken out as a whole.

Chicago, Illinois is a city filled with healthy individuals, but this doesnt exclude them from coming across this dilemma. Wisdom teeth are not diseases; instead, they are mere conditions which a person naturally undergoes as he or she physically develops. Thanks to the citys devotion to making the place healthy, Chicago dentistry addresses its citizens dental problems with the help of skilled dental experts equipped with the most advanced instruments.

Before the extraction procedure is done, Chicago dentistry always makes sure that the affected area is free from germs and other microorganisms that might infect the wounds. Once the tooth is extracted, the hole where it came from would be stitched back into place to avoid germ buildup.

Chicago dentistry suggests people to immediately consult a dentist when such dental problems take place. If treated immediately, more serious problems can arise. Believe it or not, dental problems can actually cause serious illnesses, such as heart attack or cancer.
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Wisdom Tooth Removal

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This article was published on 2011/01/21